Egyptian Gulf is special for Electrical Hardware Importing and supplying, was Established in 1998 with registered of 5 million L.E, and now it had been evaluated to more than 15 million L.E, and has over than 40 employers.

We are the main supplier of many of the huge projects in Egypt, and copartner of the biggest construction and undertakings companies, like Orascom, The Arab Contractors, Alexandria for Construction, Jet, Pyramisa for hotels and resorts, and others.

Our main business line include all Electrical inputs and requirements like Galvanized Metal Conduit, flexible conduit metal hose types, metal, socket, and water proof box, UPVC rigid conduit, add to the complete grounding, lightning protection, exothermic, and Rail system, cable tray, ladder tray, and channel system, and many other electrical equipments.

Since our founding in 1998 till now Egyptian Gulf could be an agent and distributor for many of international electrical brands like Wheatland, Halex , Kistenmacher, Furse, MK cable management, EGA tube, Himel, Axis, Yinlie, Rockgrand and many others. Although this short period we could win all this brands trust and more than this our business field gets grown, stronger, and wider.

Our greatest aim to earn the heist quality, best price, and most advanced service for our customers, respect their trust; satisfy their increasing needs and requirements as good copartner and leader in our community with the name of Egyptian Gulf.

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